How Can You Make Your Hands Look Younger?


Time in the gym will tighten up your arms, and a good face cream can make wrinkles and lines less pronounced. But what do you do about your aging hands? Sagging skin, wrinkles, and prominent veins on your hands can give away your age. Luckily, there are a few cosmetic treatments that can help.

Botox and Fillers

Botox injections are most often thought of as a facial treatment for wrinkles, but they can be used on the hands, too. The botulinum toxin in the injection causes the muscles to relax, which helps to correct sagging and deep wrinkles across your palms or the backs of your hands. It only takes a few minutes to be injected, and the results last between three and six months.

If you have deeper wrinkles and more pronounced sagging, your doctor may recommend a filler treatment rather than Botox. There are several types of fillers available, but collagen fillers are commonly used on the hands. Your skin's collagen levels decrease as you age, and this leads to a lot of the wrinkles and sagging you're noticing. Injecting collagen makes the skin tighter and more youthful. The results last three to four months.

Vein Removal

If one of your biggest concerns is prominent veins or spider veins, you may want to look into vein removal treatments. The most common of these is called sclerotherapy and involves injecting the veins with a chemical that ultimately kills the vein tissue, allowing the body to absorb it. The injected veins will gradually disappear in the months following treatment. If you have very small spider veins, your doctor may instead recommend laser therapy. In this non-invasive procedure, a handpiece is held over your skin and laser light is delivered to the skin. The laser is most attracted to the blood vessels, due to their color, and it causes the blood within them to coagulate. The veins then die and are absorbed by the body.

Hand Lift Surgery

If the skin on your hands is seriously sagging to the point that Botox and dermal fillers don't help much, your doctor might recommend surgery to tighten up the skin. Some of the skin can be removed from the side of your hand, and then the remaining skin can be tightened and stitched. The downfall to this treatment is that it will take you a few weeks to a few months to heal. However, unlike with Botox, the results are essentially permanent.

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27 October 2016

Turning Back the Clock

After my thirtieth birthday, I began to notice some unappealing signs of aging on my face. I started to see dark spots and fine lines. Because I wanted to turn back time, I researched non-invasive cosmetic procedures to help people look younger. I was immediately intrigued by microdermabrasion. I began getting microdermabrasion treatments regularly. After each treatment, my skin instantly looked smoother and more vibrant. Within a few weeks, the fine lines under my eyes and around my mouth became less noticeable. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most popular types of cosmetic treatments performed on patients today. Enjoy!