3 Tips for Recovering from Facial Plastic Surgery


Don't Make Big Plans for the First Couple of Weeks Post Surgery 

For the first couple of weeks after surgery, you are going to have a lot of swelling and bruising. You are also going to be required to wear different bandages on the areas of your face that were worked on. Because of this, you aren't going to want to schedule any big events or make huge plans. Instead, you will want to keep things a bit more low key. If you'd like, you can even plan to just stay home the first couple of weeks post surgery, until your bandages are removed and the swelling and bruising are gone. 

Exercise Lightly 

Light exercise is going to be encouraged after your plastic surgery, but you are going to want to avoid anything rigorous until your plastic surgeon gives you the go ahead to step it up. This means that things like walking are encouraged, and exercises such as running, cycling, and heavy lifting should be avoided. By taking some time off of vigorous exercise, you are allowing your body to focus on healing your face. This is also going to help you to refrain from accidentally harming yourself or your surgical sutures. This generally isn't going to be more than a couple of weeks, so it isn't going to have a negative impact on your overall fitness levels. 

Wait for Suture Removal to Apply Makeup

While you may be anxious to start wearing makeup after you have received your facial plastic surgery, it is very important that you wait. You are going to have wounds on your face from your procedure that may become infected if makeup gets into them. This can increase the amount of time that it takes for you to recover from your plastic surgery because your face will have more difficulty healing. It can also cause your scarring to be worse because the wounds didn't close up like they were supposed to, in the time frame that they were supposed to.

Instead, you will want to wait until your sutures are removed before applying makeup. The sutures are going to be removed when the wounds on your face have healed and closed up enough so that they no longer require the sutures, thus making it safe for you to apply makeup to the closed wounds. 

For more tips on recovering from facial plastic surgery, be sure to talk to your doctor.


17 January 2017

Turning Back the Clock

After my thirtieth birthday, I began to notice some unappealing signs of aging on my face. I started to see dark spots and fine lines. Because I wanted to turn back time, I researched non-invasive cosmetic procedures to help people look younger. I was immediately intrigued by microdermabrasion. I began getting microdermabrasion treatments regularly. After each treatment, my skin instantly looked smoother and more vibrant. Within a few weeks, the fine lines under my eyes and around my mouth became less noticeable. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most popular types of cosmetic treatments performed on patients today. Enjoy!