Two Ways To Deal With Common Botox Side Effects


When you want to smooth out a few fine lines that have been giving you trouble lately, a few shots of Botox may be exactly what you need. While Botox is generally safe to use, there are some instances when it may cause a few side effects. Here are two things you can to alleviate any issues you may experience after getting treatment.

Reduce Stress

One side effect you may experience after receiving Botox is increased anxiety. It's unclear why this occurs. There's some evidence that the medication causes changes in the brain. The medication used for the treatment is made from botulinum toxin, so the anxiety may be a result of an immune response by the body. Regardless of the cause, the anxiety generally goes away after a couple of days, but it can be disconcerting when you're in the throes of it.

To minimize your feelings of anxiety, it's important to keep your stress levels as low as possible. Stress, more than anything, can aggravate anxiety and make it feel much worse than it actually is. Take a few days off work (or work at home), exercise, get a body massage, or use aromatherapy (e.g. breathing in lavender is very calming) to help you get and stay relaxed after treatment. If you already take medication for anxiety, be sure to take it as directed and/or talk to your doctor about increasing the dosage for a short while.

Find the thing that works to help keep you calm and make a point of indulging in it until your feelings of anxiety subside.

Keep Eye Drops on Hand

Dry eye is another side effect of Botox you may experience, especially if you get injections around the forehead and eyes. Botox prevents the muscles from responding normally, and sometimes that can result in the inability to blink properly. Since blinking on a regular basis is necessary for keeping the eyes moist, the result is you may develop dry eye.

Like anxiety, this should only be a problem for a few days after the Botox treatment. Until you are able to blink normally again, it's best to purchase soothing eye drops and use them periodically to help alleviate the feeling of dryness.

In addition to using eye drops, avoid participating in activities that may aggravate your dry eye condition. If you work at a computer all day, take frequent breaks to rest your eyes. Be sure to drink adequate amounts of water, avoid alcohol (it's dehydrating) and get enough sleep.

For more tips on dealing with the side effects of Botox or to schedule an appointment for treatment, contact a cosmetic doctor.


28 January 2018

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