3 Cosmetic Problems That Can Arise From Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Having a sexually transmitted disease not only impacts your sexual life, it can impact your appearance as well. STDs can lead to cosmetic issues that can impact your skin and appearance. The three most common types of cosmetic issues that can arise from sexually transmitted diseases include changes in the appearance of your genital area, scars on your genital area, and skin discoloration issues. All three of these issues can be treated by a cosmetic surgeon.

#1 Genitalia Changes

When STS are not treated right away, the damage can be very severe. STDs that are not treated when they should be can change the appearance of one's gentiles. For example, gentile warts that are not treated can change the shape of one's penis. Any STD that changes the appearance of the skin, causing the skin to get tighten over time can cause one's genitalia to change appearance. Luckily, a cosmetic surgeon can help with these changes. Through various cosmetic surgery's, a surgeon can alter the appearance of one genitals to make them look more similar to how they did before they were damaged by STDs.

#2 Genital Scars

STDs can leave scars on your genital area. Many STDs great sores or lesions on your genital area, that even once they disappear, can leave behind scars. Genital scars can make one self-conscious about their appearance during sexual activities. Some scars may make sexual activities not as pleasant as before.

A cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist can use a variety of treatments to help fade the scars left behind after your STDs are treated. They can prescribe topical ointments that are gentle enough to be used around your genital area and strong enough to help diminish the appearance of your scars.

A cosmetic surgeon could use laser therapy to help diminish the appearance of your scars after your STDS have been treated. This is a common way to get rid of unsightly scars on all parts of your body and is an appropriate treatment for genital scars as well.

#3 Skin Issues

Some STDs can change the color of your skin. This can result in you having discoloration patterns on your gentile areas. If you have skin discolorations that you want to correct, a surgeon can use techniques to lessen the severity of the discolorations, generally through laser surgery. In very serious cases, a cosmetic surgeon can apply a skin graft to your gentile area to get rid of discoloration.

If you have cosmetic issues from STDs, talk to a cosmetic surgeon about STD treatment. A cosmetic surgeon may be able to help you get your genitals looking like they used to.


16 March 2019

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