FAQ's About Breast Augmentations


One of the most popular types of plastic surgeries that patients elect to undergo is a breast augmentation. Either by using fat or a breast implant, a breast implant can easily enhance the size of your breasts after just one surgery. Although your surgeon will answer all of your questions during your initial consultation, this article will address some frequently asked questions that a lot of patients have.

FAQ 1: Is recovery painful? 

With a breast augmentation, surgery is required which means that while you are recovering, it's normal for you to experience some level of pain. The amount of pain that you do experience will vary depending on several things including the surgical method that was used and the type of surgery that you undergo. For instance, if you undergo a breast augmentation surgery with implants and they put the implant underneath your muscle, it may require a bit more stretching of the skin and the muscle which may make your recovery more intense. Luckily, your doctor should send you home with some sort of pain medications to help you feel much more comfortable. 

FAQ 2: Will my breasts look natural? 

Depending on the surgeon that you go with, your breasts can look very natural. If you want really natural shaped breasts, then going with something like a teardrop shaped implant will help you get there. With teardrop shaped implants, they will replicate more of your natural breasts shape which means that they are narrower at the top and full at the bottom (similar to a teardrop). 

FAQ 3: What's the safest option? 

When it comes to a breast augmentation with implants, your surgeon will discuss all options with you including gummy bear implants, silicone implants, and saline implants. Although saline implants have notoriously been deemed as safer because they are easier to detect when you have a leak, silicone implants are still very safe. One thing to know about silicone implants, however, is that a lot of doctors recommend that you have regular MRI scans on them to see whether or not you do have a leak in them. 

Getting all of your questions about breast augmentations answered is one of the best ways to ensure that they are the right thing for you or not. To learn more about breast augmentation surgery, reach out to a certified plastic surgeon near you and schedule an appointment with them. 


29 December 2019

Turning Back the Clock

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