Things You May Not Expect After Getting A Tummy Tuck


You likely expect a tummy tuck to make you feel more confident in your body. You know that it will flatten your tummy and remove inches from your midsection. However, there are other effects of a tummy tuck — mostly positive — that sometimes surprise patients after this surgery. If you want a better idea of what to expect, take a look at these often-unexpected benefits of a tummy tuck.

Less Back Pain

Do you ever have back pain? Maybe you just have some stiffness and aching after a long day, or maybe you've had ongoing pain for a while. A tummy tuck may help relieve that pain. It's amazing what a difference having a few pounds removed from your midsection can make. With less weight on your front half, there will be less strain on your back. Minor muscle strains can finally heal. You may be able to reduce your reliance on pain relievers and chiropractic care, too.

Better Weight Maintenance

Having a tummy tuck can really boost your confidence and help you maintain a more positive mood. And when you're in a more positive mood, you're more likely to exercise and eat healthily. For these reasons, people often find that they have an easier time maintaining their previous weight loss after a tummy tuck. They don't yo-yo as much, and the pounds they take off stay off.

Easier Time Exercising

There may be exercises that you avoid now that you find yourself able to do once you have a tummy tuck. For example, pedaling a bike often becomes easier because you don't have to worry about compressing your stomach every time you do. Abdominal exercises, like sit-ups and crunches, also tend to be easier. You can add variety to your exercise routine and have more fun doing it without the limitations of extra belly fat.

Better Posture

Without the extra weight on your midsection pulling your upper body forward as you sit, you may find you have an easier time maintaining healthy shoulders-back posture. This can help reduce fatigue throughout the day, and it's better for your back and neck over time.

As you can see, having a tummy tuck does more than simply flatten your belly. It can transform your life in the best of ways. Talk to your doctor to learn more about these and other changes you can expect after tummy tuck surgery. They can help you decide whether getting a tummy tuck is a smart choice for you.


12 November 2021

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