3 Reasons To Choose Laser Hair Removal Services Over Shaving


Why choose laser hair removal services over shaving? If you're searching for new ways to remove hair from your legs or other areas, take a look at the top reasons to ditch your razor in favor of the laser.  

Save Time On Your Daily Routine

Even though shaving won't take up the bulk of your busy day, it is still an added activity. Whether you shave in the shower or lather up with cream and remove unwanted hair before you bathe, this daily process is one more task to check off your list—especially if you typically shave several areas of your body. 

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), you may need between two and six laser treatments to see the maximum results. After these treatments, you may not grow hair in the areas for a few months or years. To see how much time you'll save, add up the minutes you spend shaving your legs, bikini zone, or other areas daily. Then multiply this by seven (days per week) and then again by 52 weeks (per year).

It's likely that the total number you get is less than the time you would spend at a laser hair removal company or dermatology provider. 

Save Your Skin From Shave Bumps

The little red or pink bumps that razors leave behind are noticeable and uncomfortable. These ingrown hairs (known as shave or razor bumps) can ruin a day at the beach by making your swim style go from clean and smooth to discolored and lumpy. Not only are these bumps unpleasant to look at, but they can also hurt. 

Laser hair removal may cause some redness after a treatment. But this short-lived after-effect looks more like a sunburn than a series of little bumps. After the treatment area heals, you will have smooth, bump-free skin.

Save Your Skin From Stubble

What happens if you skip shaving for a day or more? Most people will grow short, coarse stubble. The longer you let the stubble go, the longer the hair will grow. In days, your smooth, shaved legs can go from clean and bare to a mess of hair. 

Laser treatments eliminate the next-day stubble issue and will keep your legs, bikini zone, or other areas hair-free. Even though you will need repeat treatments to see long-term effects, laser removal can make your hair finer or lighter. This can make the hair less noticeable and help to extend the time in between treatments. 

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22 June 2022

Turning Back the Clock

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