Post-Surgery Exercise And Side Effects You Didn't Realize Were Possible After A Breast Augmentation


You know that after breast augmentation surgery, you will have certain restrictions on what exercise you can do. Part of this is to ensure that you give your body enough of a chance to rest and heal before attempting anything strenuous. But part of it is also an attempt to not affect the results of the surgery. Exercising before you're really allowed to after breast augmentation surgery can have some side effects you didn't realize were possible.

New Implants Can Shift

One of the problems with exercising too soon after surgery is that new implants can shift. They need time to become established, for lack of a better term. As you heal, the implants will become more stable. There's no need to rush and potentially ruin the surgery.

Your Upper Body Needs More Caution Than Your Lower Body

As you recover, you'll be able to do more with your lower body sooner than with your upper body. Be careful, though; you may feel so capable after walking on a treadmill that you forget you're not supposed to lift something heavy yet, and then you'll injure yourself. You may want to keep a written list of specific things you can and can't do at related spots in your home. For example, you may want to put a reminder in your home gym that a couple of weeks after surgery, you shouldn't be using your rowing machine. Obviously, this list will differ depending on circumstances, but specific reminders and statements about what you can and can't do should help you remember and stay on track.

This Is Still Major Surgery

Regardless of which part of your body can move sooner than another part, you have to realize that this is still major surgery. Your first few days are not going to be days when you want to exercise. Other than light walking around your hospital room and at home, you'll want to rest. You will not become terribly out of shape by not exercising for a few days. Follow your doctor's orders regarding regular movement and when you can walk again. Be careful bending over; you may have to wait several days or even a couple of weeks before that's allowed.

While some of these exercise restrictions are due to the type of surgery you are undertaking, a lot of these are general precautions. As long as you follow them and don't rush yourself back to exercise, your recovery should soon be finished. Have patience and think of this as a time to relax.

For more information about breast augmentation, contact a local doctor. 


12 October 2022

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