The Common Myths About Plastic Surgery


If you intend to visit a plastic surgery center, you may find a wealth of information as you research. However, the information may be overwhelming, and you may need help determining what is true or false. Unfortunately, many plastic surgery misconceptions exist. Hence, you must know them to make the correct decisions. Here are the common myths surrounding plastic surgery you should know. 

Plastic Surgery Only Provides Cosmetic Benefits

Some procedures, like breast augmentation, provide aesthetic benefits. However, procedures like mastectomy, which removes cancerous breasts, provide health benefits. Also, reconstructive surgery can restore the function and form of a body part. For instance, rhinoplasty can improve your nose's natural appearance or breathing if you have a severely broken or collapsed nose.

Plastic Surgery Is for Wealthy Patients

Plastic surgery can be expensive, but this doesn't mean it's for wealthy patients. The costs of the different procedures vary, and you can identify affordable medical services that match your budget. However, ensure that you get affordable yet quality surgical services to avoid complications or botched results, which may require more money to correct.

Besides, insurance may provide partial or full coverage for procedures like rhinoplasty that correct life-threatening conditions like severe breathing difficulties. This may reduce the cost of plastic surgery significantly.

All Plastic Surgery Procedures Provide Permanent Results

After healing from plastic surgeries such as tummy tucks, you may notice instant results. However, the results may be temporary especially if you don't care for yourself accordingly. For instance, failure to exercise or eat healthily may result in fat accumulation in the belly. Likewise, after a facelift, you may need other treatments like Botox or filler injections to minimize aging signs. Therefore, follow your surgeon's professional advice post-surgery to maintain your desired results.

Plastic Surgery Doesn't Result in Scars

Plastic surgery procedures are invasive and result in scars. However, surgeons usually use advanced methods and equipment to make minor incisions and high-quality closures. This results in small scars that aren't noticeable. Fortunately, proper aftercare for the wound after incision closure can minimize the risks of aesthetic problems. But, you may remove the scars using methods like laser treatment post-surgery.

Only Women Get Plastic Surgery Services

Plastic surgery isn't limited to women only. Men can also undergo plastic surgery to improve their looks and solve their health problems. For example, men can get liposuction, hair transplant surgery, or a nose job.

Understanding these myths can help you gain confidence in plastic surgery


14 April 2023

Turning Back the Clock

After my thirtieth birthday, I began to notice some unappealing signs of aging on my face. I started to see dark spots and fine lines. Because I wanted to turn back time, I researched non-invasive cosmetic procedures to help people look younger. I was immediately intrigued by microdermabrasion. I began getting microdermabrasion treatments regularly. After each treatment, my skin instantly looked smoother and more vibrant. Within a few weeks, the fine lines under my eyes and around my mouth became less noticeable. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most popular types of cosmetic treatments performed on patients today. Enjoy!